Monday, 18 April 2011

Something Sobering

Once again I return to the web of the world to deliver unto you more information about my London escapades! and oh god did my head hurt after this one lol, been busy busy busy once again, places to go, people to see, the days go so fast im barely finding time to write this!

So I was talking to a friend that used to live in London, they were asking how things were and where I was living, the response after I told them was a bit shocking, how they wouldnt set foot here because of all the gun crime and stuff, im like er..... shit..... er well it doesnt seem that bad, and to be honest, it really doesnt, I've seen more shit kicking off along margate seafront every single night I go out for last god knows how many years, now I know I've only been out a few times but I've not seen anyone kicking off when I've been on the way home yet, but then theres the word... yet. im sure I'll be fine but THANKYOU for putting that niggling doubt in back of my head.

And as for nights out.... oh deary me, so we rewind back to Friday night, we all get out of work and head to the nearest bar, 5 seconds later we arive at the company owned bar lol, it was a long and tirering journey and beers were baught to quench our souls haha. Now every Friday so far I've either not been able to stay because of other plans or only been able to stay for one. But this week there was nothing planned and nice weather to drink outside and socialise, FINALLY! I thought to myself I can start getting to know the peeps I haven't met yet and start to learn some more names, which if you know me, im aweful at remembering so im making extra effort. Quite a few beers go by as do conversations and then there was port and cheese. Slighty confused im not one to say no to free stuff, most certainly not alcohol. Then the beer returned with talk of heading into town, sweet I think to myself, finally I can start exploring the clubs and stuff. At this point I dont think I realised quite how much I had to drink on an empty stomach, see now here is my first mistake of many that night. by the time we finish the taxi ride to soho the drink had kicked in a bit more and totally dont remember the first place we went, and after more beers and shots, not the second or finally third place either. I do remember some dancing from everyone and a good time being had by all and one crazy member of the party jumping from a banister rail to the stage and only just making it, I cant believe we didnt get chucked out or that the bosses could get so rowdy. I think we left about 2:30 or 3ish whenone of the older guys started to run out of steam, I think we were all smashed by then though. I remember getting pointed in the right direction to get the bus and off I went to hunt down the noodle shop I found last time, and upon finding it I was quite happy and well I thought the night had gone, completely obliviouse I had raped my bank balance in doing so. Then we come to the bus home and yet again the bus that I need is no where to be seen for ages *angry face* every 20 mins my arse! so I jump on another that I know take me within very easy and short walking distance...... next thing I know im walking down a road and suddenly realising no... no... this totally isnt where im living. Thats right blacked out on the bus, dont remember getting off at all nor where the left overs from my noodles went that I didnt finish. I nearly completely sobre up in seconds and check the nearest bus stop, I had taken the bus to the end of the line, thats TWICE as far as I need to go. Shout out to my good friend who rang me up after txtin them at silly hours and stopped me from getting lost and panicing. Lucky for me I hadnt walked far from the stops and found the one back which I rode with very wide eyes that were not going to fail me again! By 5AM I was finally tucked up in bed after downing a drink of water. Yay adventure!

Saturday was of course a near complete write off, I had just about managed to feel better and eat something in time to go back out and see my friends band, FEARNE, if you haven't heard of them before then here are links to the youtube and spotify of the band,


They are totally awesome and deserve as much support as we can give them! It was good to catch up with the guys from the band, I miss not being local to them, there gigs are always good and full of energy. So cheers for the good night lads! Also I believe my 3D skills might be put to use if i can make up a good bit of CG for the guys to use, maybe a whole songs worth! stay tuned to FEARNE and you might see more.

And then the most awesome day of the week or even whole time in london so far! I found some fellow fire spinners! A whole bunch of them do a monthly meet up for fire down by the thames on a tiny beachy area during a full moon low tide. We had fire hola hoops, poi, staff, fans, rope dart thingy that was kool, and one dude doing fire breathing. There was also plenty of Glow everything as well, the hola hoops leading to some great photos I think. I have many photos and quite a bit of video to get up on my youtube and facebook so check it out if you know me, if not then just google fire poi and you will see what I mean. Damn its been so long I had forgotten how much I LOVE doing fire poi, so lucky someone let me use theirs for a bit. I will have to definatly start going to the weekly meet ups when I can, but as proof of how theres always something to do, my wednesday is already booked to goto the cinema, just not enough days in the week eh?

Which brings me to this week and next, the department lead is off for 2 weeks and on thursday we lose a senior for a week and half. leaving our 5 man team quite weak and with less days to get the work done too! I think the comming days will be a test and one I plan on passing!

So party on people, PARTY ON!
I'll just be over here in the corner finally taking a nap from it all


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Something About Food

So my god have I been a busy fucker no posts since the 24th! holy crapendas!

So to start with I have a place! woohoo! sharing a house with 2 other guys, its a nice house with a big garden that screams for summer BBQ's! also last week work told me I would of earned 3 holiday days by the end of the year and that I HAD to take them, damn life is hard right? So I took the opportunity to dash back home and party with friends then fill up mums car while hideously hungover, then enjoy the rest of my 5 day weekend lol. Really happy to have some of my stuff with me now and no longer living out a suitcase! The new house mates have been nice enough to cook for me a few times and of course I have returned the favour with awesome cooking of my own, something i hope to regularly with all sorts of meals, and also get friends over, so if you know me and are not an internet random! (unless its you binty), then feel free to msg me and we can sort something out.

By the time I finish work tomorrow I will of been there a whole month and boy has the time flew by! I just cant believe I've been here that long already. I am still enjoying every day so far, I goto work with a smile and I come home with a smile, and I don’t think I've smiled this much in my life EVER.

The April meet rolled round for 3ds London, again strange to think the first one I went to a month ago was the day after my interview and I remember telling my lovely friends how awesome it would be to live in London and we can hang out and go drinking and stuff, and also asking for sofa's to surf should I get a job. And now here I telling those I hadn't got to see over the last month how awesome my life has suddenly become! Now the twist of this evening of drinking and 3dsmax, when it ended and we made our way to the tube to commence the journey home, we get there and I notice the Victoria line is flagged as disrupted service and I start thinking "oh shit....." I then find the fault is at Brixton, the last stop and destination for myself where I would normally switch to a bus for the rest of the way. So I cant go round the problem and not wanting to chance buses from anywhere else I could randomly get off at, I choose to try and find the place I had got a bus from before on my only night out in London town. I had a rough direction and decided its adventure time! and off I trot wondering if I'm doing the right and half not caring. I'm never gonna learn where anything is purely using the tube now am I? the streets start to look a little busier and I think I'm going in the right direction. But then I see a noodle bar, I realise hold on, I've only had 6 inch sub for dinner so far and probably wont get back in time to cook anything, AND under the kebab compass theory, eating food on a homeward journey both increases the chances of getting to where your going and get there quicker by 9001%!!!! How this happens I have no idea but it is FACT. Before I knew it, my chopsticks and I were suddenly in a place I recognise and BAM I'm on my way to the bus stop when what would catch my eye other than a group of in-line skaters doing some fancy tricks to music while running up and down a line of cones. It was awesome to watch/eat food/listen to the music, but I thought hey, why not say hi? I miss skating both in-line and ice skating so much and making friends with people who do it regularly would get me back into it in no time! so after chattin' and finding regular meeting spots I say my goodbyes and thankyous for being awesome and get the bus home, there must of been issues there too because there wasn’t one for ages even though they suppose to run regularly. This all adds up to me getting home about 10 past midnight.... I was shattered and a little annoyed I was too tired to write a blog post, watch something awesome and do the housework I had been meaning to do, but I got all that done today instead so I'm all happy face again! ☺☻☺

Also another reason to be happy face is that there is an ice rink within easy walking distance.... AMAZING! like complete jizz in my pants AMAZING! you just cant be bored in London i swear, should be a crime! So bring on pay-day, its time to buy some new poi and skates. Right I think I've probably rambled on for long enough, I know there are things I've forgotten that I wanted to blog about but they will just have to wait till I remember or be forever lost for all time!

Adiós Amigos!