Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Something on a bus

Greetiings all and apologys foe not posting in a while have been busy busy! In fact so busy im writing this on the bus to work! I am still very much enjoying myself here in the city and making lots of new friends, mostly from work but the office seems to only hire awesome people ^_^ so its all good.

I found an awesome new band to listen to called morningwood, and have been listen to them alot along with silversun pickups. In the next few weeks i would like to check out some metal bars as I have yet tp do so, hopefully find some more people to goto Sonisphere with. I am soooooooo frakin excited about A. Going to a fesival again and B. The super awesome lineup with so many awesome bands I havent had the time or money to see yet. So thankyou karma for correcting these wrongs!

And speaking of wrongs, what in the world is going on with scifi on tv!? There is leas and less theae days and as soon as stargate universe is xone we are smack bang out of space operas (oh how I miss BSG). On the upside we have awesome things like castle to watch and i think dexter isnt far off also. But for those of you that watch castle... DAAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNN how hot was becket in that last episode eh?!?! (see now you wanna watch it dont you) haha.

Another topic thats been on my mind is un packing, strange yes I know but ive recently been thinking that since after moving out my dorm room from the first yeah of uni I have never really unpacked properly. Never fully un packed my suitcase, why didnt I? What was I waiting for? I guess it was fine when I was still at uni but take my home on bournemouth, i was there for  a good while and wasnt planning on going anywhere but there my open suitcase sat next to the bed till the day I packed it and left. Was I waiting to leave all along or was i just insecure abiut my future? Ill never know but what I do know is my suitcase is fully unpacked and put away, I dont know how long ill be in this house but I want it to feel like home and not a stoping point before moving on again. Now all that remains is to find the time, money and help to get my remaining things from Bournemouth.

Well thats as far as i got typing on my phone, Im now home and finishing off this post on my PC, which is a tad bit faster to type on than my shiney new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S 2! Its sooo awesome and super fast, awesome camera and this time with flash! unlike the last galaxy. Having a smart phone is seriously awesome, I linked it my facebook and msn/hotmail, it pulled all my friends into my contact lists with pictures, all the events im going to  into my calender along with everyone's birthdays too! has all the features like gps and 'n' wifi, bunch of games, got a bit of music on there too as it has 16gb storage, 12gb usable the rest is system reserved, really considering to let lis replace my 160GB archos as the screen is the same size, 4.3inch, and it has a micro sd slot expanded memory, so im sure I can get by only taking a 3rd of my music around... provided i stick a big enough card in lol also got my showreel on here too which is handy for networking. Oh and one of the best features, especially with the awesome weather weve been having, usable in direct sunlight! woot! well enough of me bigging up my phone, ill put it away before it goes missing, i see my Gorn bobble head eyeing it up and he dont fuck around, dont believe me just ask captain kirk ^_^

Been feeling a little homesick last few days, well not really home home, just my friends, i miss drinking and dancing/rocking with them at TW. Also been missing all the kool people down in Bournemouth too! OH and congrats to Fearne who won the dorset music awards!

Sooooo tired now, this eek has been exhausting and its not even wednesday, but tomorrows another day and I have my hair dye now so red hair! here we go again!

Untill next time!

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