Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Something Assisted

Well well well ladys and gents, im here in London now and have now had 2 days at my new job!

Day 1 was a little mad, started at 8:30 so i had to be up at 7, a time i hadnt seen in a long while, even working at currys back in bournemouth, it only took me 20 mins to cycle so was never up before 8, but i didnt wake up at 7.... oh dear... however i wasnt late, no I just happened to wake up at 5!! which turned out to be quite motivating as from the sofa i was sleeping on, i sat with my cuppa tea and watched the sun come up right outside the window. It felt as if the was rising not only to start a new day but a new chapter in my life filled with a new place, a new job, and new friends!
The day started with the Monday meeting with everyone upstiars hearing about where we are on the major projects on the go, everything was way over my head, I didnt have a clue! The lady who was suppose to give me my induction isnt in today so it had to wait for today, so I spent the day be told about how projects are organised, and was paired up with someone for a bit to watch them work. with the feeling that im in way over my head after been shown loads of stuff lunchtime hits and I go across the road to the bar the company owns to get some food, had a big tasty handmade bun filled with yummyness made even tastier by the fact we get a nice big discount too. So we eat outside and talk about working in 3d and a few other things, I find out most of the office comes over here for drinks on friday night too, so ill definatly be doing that while getting to know people better. Then back to work and continue watching and discussing the work my new workmate is doing, i even found a few shortcuts he didnt know about, so i wasnt completly useless. I get to look through a bunch of project files to get a feel for the way the organise things, hows files are set and general level of detail stuff when i find a mistake in one of the models, just so happens it was one of the current projects and no one had seen it, go me! So then one fo the architects comes down and needs something off my new friend a bit quick, so I teamed up with him and we both worked on the file, I continued doing some basic modeling while he fixed up some better lighting and set up the render. All in all a good day I think, I was really worried that I would be totally useless for a while. I come back to my friends where i am crashing and pretty much do just that, completely shattered I just about remember to change the alarm as the rest of the week we start at 9.

Day 2! I get a good nights sleep and dont wake up mega early, everything went like clockwork and for the second time I strolled off the bus stop with a big smile on my face music in my ears, a bit of the Silversun Pickups that I recently found and some Nickelback and Theory of a Deadman. Into work and i put my coat away and head to the mini kitchen we have downstairs to make my first of many, Earl Gray teas, oh yes infinate earl grey all day! my supervisor sets me up with someone else today while my log on details are sorted and i can have my own set up with company email and everything. This was a different type of project than the one i was watching/helping yesterday, we had to set up some shots to be camera matched to survey data and then comped into the backplate. Tedious work but one was quite challenging which was fun and i got a bit of input on the set up and photo shop work we did. It turns out there is such a thing as a free lunch, I got one while we had a presentation about a new portal/management system we will be getting next month. after lunch I had my induction and got some more info i had to read through, the usual stuff for health and saftey as well as more office stuff like how their telephone system works. Turns out every desk has its own phone... "I" have a phone, this as well as the fact my desk is massive! about 2.5x1.5m with dual monitor setup, makes me feel somewhat important and awesome ^_^ I end the day with helping again with what I was working on yesterday.

I should be getting a place of my own sorted soon too if all works out, although I was suppose to goto a viewing on monday it got put back to today and then again at last minute to tomorrow but I still have hopes things will work out. I really cant wait to have my own room again, even if my friends sofa is quite comfy and long enough to fit my lanky 6'1" body on  completely. With my own place I can then move my stuff up and start practising at home on Vray, Im a little more out of practice than i want to be and I really want to show these guys I can do good work and work hard.

And here is the suckerpunch trophy! awesome isnt it :)

Now its time for me to watch some more castle and eat my 30p noodles, relax and sleep.

See you on the otherside!

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