Sunday, 13 March 2011

Something for You

Sometimes life sucks, a depressing start but the truth, and sometimes like what has happened in my life recently can be filled with awesome things happening.
But unless you live in Japan and just had your whole life washed away, my bet is your life isn’t as bad as you think it is! Now over the last 2 days ive felt so powerless watching the devastation caused by the earthquake and following tsunami in Japan. This as well moving to London today has left me somewhat sleep deprived so im sorry if this post seems a little off. I truly wish I could get out there, help with anything I could, either with supporting people in some way, clearing/sorting through the debris, or even help rebuilding further down the line. But this is unrealistic since im not trained in any way, nor part of any relief groups.
So what can you do? you can donate to the red-cross! anything you can give will help a lot! please follow this link to help:

On a brighter note, it seems that its not just myself that is having luck in my life, there are new jobs going everywhere and quite a few of my friends seem happier, others like my good buddy Dani Abram (check out her blog in my side bar>>> over there >>>>) and another friend Paul are buying a house! so congrats to you guys!

And for those of you still selling your souls, I say to you this,
don’t let the world pass you by in a dead end job that you hate! I like to read a lot of the lifehacker blog and I think it makes a good read, give it a try starting here:!5707473/the-minimalist-guide-to-leaving-your-soul+crushing-day-job
But if you are feeling like life is just getting too much, you have me and many other friends who will be happy to talk to you and give you advice and support. Your not alone, I think nearly everyone I know has been there. I went through 2 years of retail hell try and waiting to get a better job, a god job, a job I spent 4 years at uni for! im just thankful for the time I spent outside of work, I spent with some very special and awesome people.

And now here is my last day in the Marghetto, my suitcase that I will be living out of for an uncertain amount of time is packed, my computer will be stored away along with my awesome TV and ps3. I must yet again leave my friends behind me, my whole head is a turmoil of emotions right now I don’t think I can put into words how I feel.(yeah yeah I know kinda pointless blogging about something I cant write right?) I just have to remember that they have their own lives, it would be selfish to wish they would stay part of my life everywhere I go. but neither am I abandoning them, I know where they are, I have phone numbers and facebook so they will never be far, and this makes me happy that for sure. what also makes me happy is to have old uni friends back in my life again, those who too have escaped to/been trapped by London. I hope more of the people ive met in my travels make it to the jobs the want, maybe it will even bring you closer to me again and we can go for a drink, catch up, maybe have a game of poker/streetfighter/pool. now if your sitting there thinking "well nothings come along yet" STOP RIGHT THERE! its never going to come, you gotta go out there, jump in the ring, kick life’s ass and take it for yourself! If you need qualifications,? get them, a portfolio? make one, experience? work for free! as much as people don’t like to admit it, they have plenty of free time, its just spent elsewhere, even those social commitments you think you cant give up like those drink sessions/house partys or an extra night of raiding on wow or that footy game you just cant miss. You can miss them actually, and it wont kill you either, what will kill you is the depression from that dead end job your still in, mine nearly killed me and as your friend or random blogger you may have just happened to stumble upon, I don’t want that for you. So for me, your friends, and most importantly yourself, do what you need to do! There is always time for drinking and footy after you score a better job right? so get out there and start kicking ass! extra points if its a zombie ass just don’t get bitten :P

Something I forgot to mention last time was the wonders of a band called Silversun Pickups, recently have had a track titled Panic Switch used in the trailers for Suckerpunch, they have an awesome sound, do check them out on spotify for free!
and speaking of Suckerpunch... OMG, thats all i have to say on the matter, and stay tuned for possible pics of an acquired movie banner ^_^

Well that's enough ranting for now I think, from now on my only connection to the world will be my new phone, finally one with interwobbles, and my new workstation at work! speaking of work, less than 24 hours still I start! wish me luck its time to start a new adventure!!!
Be excellent to each other.
And go get something for you.

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