Sunday, 20 March 2011

Something Simple

Hello World!

It would seem I have survived my first week in London! I have really enjoyed it so far, nearly everything seems right somehow. I find it strange how quickly I've settled into a routine, the commute to work, the lunch across the road, dinner and watching castle(my new tv obsession) all happen the same time every day. Im slightly wary about settling into a routine as that is what threw me into chaos and dispair not so long ago. And I still bump into something everyday that reminds me of the friend I lost. I think im getting better at avoiding the thoughts but I still deeply miss this person and still regret ever taking them for granted.
But back to recent events, I've manage to get through a week of work, they even trusted me with a project to work on by myself, and it turned out quite good!, it will be interesting to work with the different architects over the comming months and its one of the many things I look forward to.

Im still trying to find a place to live, seen a few places but nothing quite meshes just yet and they also arnt available till next month so ive got a while to decide, although I did have a first yesterday, I was stood up when I went to view a room, their loss im sure lol. But it does make me wonder how hard something so simple as being somewhere or doing something that you say your going to do can be. This could be for a friend, at work, or in this case being around to meet a stranger looking for a new place to live. It did get me thinking though, have I let anyone down rencently, maybe it was YOU! if so im sorry, I do try to keep my promises or arrangements and in light of the other day I will try and keep an extra eye on when I say I will do things for people to make extra sure I follow through.

So only a short post today as im sleep and mondays are 8:30 starts instead of 9, so I really should be in bed already, if you can call the sofa that haha. missing friends old and lost, my pc, ps3 and pixeljunk shooter that i got to play for like a day :(, personal space, and my pushbike, i feel like a slob, i havent exercised in so long and i miss riding! once i get my place and my first paycheck i can begin to fix these missing things in my life.

Have a good week people!

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